Last Saturday March 1st, St. Joseph’s Parish Council organized our Annual Parish Dance at the Polish Hall on Pearl St. At this time, I would sincerely like to thank the President of the Polish Mutual and Friendly Society Mr. John Stys for providing the hall and its facility for our event free of charge. Special thanks go to all the Parish Council members who worked very hard preparing for the dance. The music for our dancing pleasure was provided by DJ “Big Dance” from Toronto and together with the traditional Polish food created an unforgettable night. Thank you to all who attended and also to the many parishioners who actively participated in the success of the Parish Dance. It was very encouraging to see parishioners and guests having a chance to meet, talk and dance the evening away.
Sincere words of appreciation go to all who donated food and various gifts. We all should be very proud of another wonderful and successful event that was designated to help with the needs of our church. We raised $ 3,015.00 in total. Thanks again and hope to see you all at our Annual Parish Dance next year, 2015.

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